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I attended Emporia State University and attained a BS and MS before starting my career with New York Life Insurance Company in August of 1994.  I have since continued to seek education and experience in solving complex financial issues for my clients.  I look at my career as being a financial problem solver and counselor.  My college background in counseling has allowed me to develop my career as more of a counselor in helping others find the solutions to their financial needs and if needed, the right insurance and or investment product to fulfill that need.  Cheap options may sound good, but when difficult or serious times come, it will be the quality that counts. 

Since 2001, I have also been an Authorized Representative for the American Veterinary Medical Association LIFE Trust.  Our office serves as campus representative at both Kansas State University and Iowa State University Colleges of Veterinary Medicine, as well as serving the needs of professional AVMA members throughout the United States.  My knowledge of their career and business practices has grown over this time and my background in the financial services has allowed me to pursue my goal in developing specific services to the needs of veterinarians and the unique opportunities that exist to those in the field that own their own practices or private business.  Today, my wife Angie has taken the lead role for our AVMALIFE members, both student and professional.  Her knowledge of not only the AVMALIFE products, but also the service and claims process, make her an extremely valuable asset to both Payne Financial Strategies, Inc and to the members we serve under the AVMALIFE umbrella.  Angie works hard to look at the needs and circumstances of each member in helping them secure coverage or resolve difficulties when they appear.

We look forward to working with you in the future,  If we can't help now, we can always assist in finding someone who can!

Being a leader in the insurance and financial services industry means continually striving for improvement. To keep pace with clients' needs, Payne Financial Strategies, Inc. has access to new products, enhanced product features, expanded quality service, and new technologies. Breaking new ground is part of our tradition.

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