As a Veterinarian, you have a unique life, we understand that, protect that, help you live it to the fullest!

Do you notice how we always seem to run out of time before we run out of ideas or opportunities? You have probably spent a lot of time thinking about important planning topics? 

Ever just lay awake at night thinking about all the things you know you need to do for your family, career, or business?  

Then the alarm goes off and before you know it your getting ready for bed again.

We talk about these topics with our spouse, our friends, business associates and those around us. We tend to waste a lot of mental energy on them, yet nothing seems to get done.

Topics like:

  • Retirement planning and income distribution
  • Retirement plan accusation and evaluation for businesses and clinics
  • Social Security Benefit implementation
  • Income protection
  • Practice transition
  • Practice and business buy/sell planning and funding
  • Calculating and protecting Lifetime earning capacity
  • Business owner transition
  • School to career transition
  • Blending personal and employee benefits
  • Estate and asset distribution
  • Wealth preservation planning and accumulation
  • Tax free and Tax deferral asset accumulation


We all have great relationships with other professionals but no one ever seems to get or keep the ball rolling.

I offer a very unique, professional service. It's a multi-step process in which I listen, then take these thoughts, concerns, and plans of yours and convert them into solid, real objectives that have meaning to you, your family, and your future. 

I then see that real action is taken, implemented, and completed! 

I need you to do one thing and one thing only.  Call me or email me and let me know you would like to start the conversation,  Then we can decide if it should become a professional relationship or a referral to the professional you need.

So are you going to just keep on thinking about it or are you going to take action?

Kevin L. Payne, M.S..,  LUTCF®, CLTC, Member MDRT
Registered Representative, A Financial Services Professional
Authorized Representative for the American Veterinary Medical Association's Life Insurance Trust, AVMALIFE.

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